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Prof. Yury F. Maydanik is the head of the laboratory.

          Research associates 4
          Main specialists2
          Post-graduate students2


  • information-and-measuring systems
  • stands for filling heat-transfer devices with a working fluid
  • equipment for creating and controlling vacuum
  • devices for control over vacuum tightness
  • circulation coolers and liquid thermostats
  • setups for argon-arc welding
  • electric vacuum furnaces
  • presses
  • equipment for grinding and analyzing the fractional composition of powders
  • metal-removal machine tools
  • machining attachments for making loop heat pipes
  • personal computers
  • office facilities
The floor area of the laboratory is 210 m2.

Contact Us

Prof. Yu. F. Maydanik
Institute of Thermal Physics
Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
Amundsena St., 106
Ekaterinburg, 620016, Russia
Tel: (+7-343) 267-87-91
Tel./Fax: (+7-343) 267-87-99
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