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Laboratory of short-time processes and boiling physics

     The head of the laboratory is Nikitin E.D., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

     The laboratory was created in 1973.

     Laboratory staff: 11 persons, including three Doctors and four candidates of Physics and Mathematics, three post-graduate students and one engineer.

     The main lines of investigations:

  • Evaporation in liquids under fast superheat, stretch or supersaturation with gas;
  • Heat transfer in processes of pulse energy excitation of a substance accompanied by explosive wall evaporation and thermal destruction;
  • Measurement of the fluctuation nucleation rate in the shock boiling regime;
  • Measurement of thermodynamic critical parameters of high-molecular substances at high temperatures;

     The previously-unknown phenomenon of shock boiling-up on nuclei of fluctuation origin has been revealed. A theory unambiguously relating the value and the form of a thermal boiling-up signal in the shock regime with the liquid properties has been elaborated.
     The phenomenon of explosive boiling-up of polymers by the mechanism of fluctuation origin of bubbles has been revealed.
     A shock dilation wave has been discovered at fluctuation nucleation in a metastable (presonic) flow of liquid.
     A study has been made of the instability of an open surface of a highly superheated liquid excited by the reaction of vapor yield.
     Measurements have been made of the limiting-superheat temperatures of substances at negative pressures to Ц 10 MPa and a heating rate of 107 K/s. The phenomenon of УhealingФ of cavitation centres has been revealed.
     For the first time experimental data have been obtained on the critical parameters of a number of motor fuels, marketable petroleum products, petroleum-gas systems.
     New methods have been suggested for controlling explosive boiling-up by regulating fluctuation boiling centres.

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