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Capillary-Porous Materials

     Capillary-porous materials are intended for making "wicks" for loop heat pipes. Such wicks, possessing a certain configuration, ensure the creation of the capillary head required for pumping the working fluid inside a loop heat pipe. The main advantages of such materials are a small effective pore radius in combination with high porosity and permeability.

Main Technical Characteristics of Capillary-Porous Wicks

MaterialPorosity, %Effective pore radius, microns

     Fine-pored wicks made of such materials make it possible to raise the working fluid to a height of several meters and ensure an efficient heat transfer downwards.
     At a horizontal position of the device they can ensure heat transfer for distances of several tens of meters.
     Owing to the extremely developed surface of the pores and the wick special form it is possible to organize intensive heat exchange in the zone of heat-load supply, which is characterized by values of heat-transfer coefficients of the order of 50000-80000 W/m2K.

Sintered Wicks for LHPs

Sintered Wicks for LHPs

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